Yang Wang

Assistant Professor


Department of Economics

Lafayette College

Easton, PA 18042


Email: wangy@lafayette.edu



Research Interests


Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics, Applied Econometrics



Smoking, Wealth Accumulation and the Propensity to Plan

(with Ahmed Khwaja, Dan Silverman, and Frank A. Sloan)

Economics Letters, Vol. 94(1), pp. 96-103, January 2007.


Economic Theory and Evidence on Smoking Behavior of Adults

(with Frank A. Sloan), Addiction, 103, pp. 1777-1785, November 2008.


Are Mature Smokers Misinformed?

(with Ahmed Khwaja, Dan Silverman, and Frank A. Sloan)

Journal of Health Economics, 28, pp. 385 - 397. 2009. 


Do Smokers Value Their Health and Longevity Less?

(with Ahmed Khwaja and Frank A. Sloan),

Journal of Law and Economics, 52(1), pp. 171 - 196. February 2009.


Alcohol Consumption in Early Adulthood and Occupational Attainment at Mid-Life

(with Frank A. Sloan, Patrick Malone, Stefan Kertesz, and Phil Costanzo) 

American Journal of Public Health, 99(12), pp. 2261 - 2261. December 2009.




Working Papers


“Estimating Dynamic Discrete Choice Models with Hyperbolic Discounting, with an Application to Mammography Decisions”, with Hanming Fang, 2010


“Impacts of Depressed Mood on Physical Activity, Dietary Intake, and Weight Gain among Young Adults”, with Muzhe Yang, 2010


“Dynamic Implications of Subjective Expectations: Evidence from Adult Smokers,” 2010


“Test and Analysis of the Subjective Expectation Model in the Presence of Private Information,” 2010


“Do Youths Overestimate their Control over Future Drinking?”, with Frank A. Sloan, 2010


“The Impact of Heavy Drinking in Early Adulthood on Occupational Outcomes at Mid Life: The Role of Psychosocial Factors", with Frank A. Sloan, Patrick Malone, Stefan Kertesz, Dan Belsky, and Phil Costanzo, 2009