Kevin D. Hoover

D.Phil Oxford University

Professor of Economics and Philosophy
Senior Fellow, Center for the History of Politcal


Editor, History of Political Economy   

E-mail: kd.hoover@duke.edu
Tel. (919) 660-1876
Fax (919) 684-8974

Research Interests:
Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics; Philosophy and Methodology of Empirical Economics;  History of Economics.

Current Research:
Causation; the structure of vector autoregression models; specification search methodologies; the history of 20th century macroeconomics; the philosophy and economics of Charles S. Peirce. 

Teaching Interests:
Philosophy and Methodology of Economics, History of E conomics; American pragmatism; Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics.

Professional Activities and Affiliations:
Editor, History of Political Economy;    

Editor, SSRN History of Economics Journal;

Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Surveys;
Editorial Board, Economics and Philosophy;
Board of Editors, Review of Political Economy;
Editor, Journal of  Economic Methodology (1996-2005);

Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Methodology (2005-2006);
President History of Economics Society (2002-2003);
Chairman, International Network for Economic Method (1999-2001);
Board of Editors, American Economic Review (1990-1994);
International Network for Economic Method (Founding Member).
American Economic Association;
History of Economics Society;
American Philosophical Association;
Philosophy of Science Association;
British Society for the Philosophy of Science