Economic Research Initiatives at Duke (ERID)

 Conference on

the Applications of Economic Analysis in Law

Conference Program

April 17-18, 2009

Location: R J Reynolds Auditorium, First Floor

Fuqua School of Business


Millennium Hotel Durham
2800 Campus Walk Avenue
Durham, NC
USA 27705-4479

T: 1 (919) 383 8575
F: +1 (919) 383 8495

Conference Program

April 17, 2009

Shuttle from the Millennium Hotel to Fuqua at 7:45am and 8:05am

8:00-8:30am: Continental Breakfast

8:30-9:15am Nicola Persico (NYU): "Racial Profiling: Detecting Bias Using Statistical Evidence"

 Discussant: Jungmin Lee (Florida International University)

 9:15-10am: Thomas Miles (University of Chicago): "Racial Disparities in the Allocation of Wiretap Applications across Federal Judges"

      Discussant: Petra Todd (University of Pennsylvania)

      10:00-10:30am: Coffee Break

10:30-11:15am Elianna La Ferrara (Bocconi): "Racial Bias in Capital Sentencing" (Joint with Alberto Alesina)

 Discussant: Shamena Anwar (Carnegie  Mellon University)

11:15-12:00am Douglas Williams (University of the South): "Does Affirmative Action Create Educational Mismatch in Law Schools?"

Discussant: Joe Hotz (Duke University)

      12:00-1:30pm: Lunch

1:30-2:15pm Glenn Loury (Brown University): Valuing Identity: The Simple Economics of Affirmative Action Policies (with Roland Fryer)

Discussant: Dennis Epple (Carnegie Mellon University)

2:15-3:00pm: Christine Jolls: "Race Effects on Ebay."

Discussant: Albert Yoon (University of Toronto)

3:00-3:30pm: Coffee Break

3:30-4:15pm Barak Richman (Duke University): "Mental Health Care Consumption and Outcomes: Considering Preventative Strategies Across Race and Class" (Joint with Dan Grossman, Craig Chepke and Frank Sloan)

Discussant: Brian Rowe (University of Michigan)

4:15-5:00pm  Yona Rubinstein (Brown University): "Racial Discrimination and Competition" (Joint with Ross Levine and Alex Levkov)

Discussant: Kate Antonovics (University of California, San Diego)

Dinner: 6:00pm-8:30pm Washington Duke Inn (Vista Room)

Shuttle Pick up from Washington Duke Inn to the Millennium at 8:30pm and 8:50pm

April 18, 2009

Shuttle from the Millennium Hotel to Fuqua at 7:45am and 8:05am

8:00-8:30am: Continental Breakfast

8:30-9:15am Jesse Rothstein (Princeton University): "Mismatch in Law School" (with Albert Yoon)

Discussant: Richard Sander (UCLA)

9:15-10:00am Peter Arciadiacono (Duke University): "Does Affirmative Action Lead to Mismatch: A New Test and Evidence" (Joint with Esteban Aucejo, Hanming Fang and Kenneth I. Spenner)

Discussant: Linda Loury (Tufts University)

10:00-10:30am: Coffee Break

10:30-11:15am: Hanming Fang (Duke University): "Difference-in-Difference Estimators for Prejudice: An Examination of the Existing Test and An Alternative" (Joint with Nicola Persico)

Discussant: Esteban Aucejo (Duke University)

     11:15-12am: Katherine Barnes (University of Arizona): "Measuring Culpability."

Discussant: John Donohue (Yale University)

Noon: Lunch


Organization Committee:

Peter Arcidiacono (Duke Economics)
Hanming Fang (Duke Economics)
Tracy Lewis (Duke Fuqua)

Nicola Persico (NYU Department of Economics and Law School)
Barak Richman (Duke Law School)

(Non-Local) Participants:

Kate Antonovics (UCSD)
Shamena Anwar (Carnegie Mellon, Heinz)
Katherine Barnes (Arizona, Law)
John Donohue (Yale, Law)
Dennis Epple (Carnegie Mellon, Tepper)
Eliana La Ferrara (Bocconi, Economics)
Christine Jolls (Yale Law)
Jungmin Lee (Florida International University, Economics)
Glenn Loury (Boston, Economics)
Linda Loury (Tufts Economics)
Jane Yakowitz (UCLA, Law School)
Thomas Miles (Chicago Law School)
Nicola Persico (NYU, Economics and Law)
Brian Rowe (University of Michigan, Economics)
Jesse Rothstein (Princeton, Economics):
Richard Sander (UCLA, Law)
 Petra Todd (Penn, Economics)
 Yona Rubinstein (Brown Economics)
 Doug Williams (University of South, Economics)
 Albert Yoon (University of Toronto, Law School)

Local Participants:
Duke Faculty and students from Economics Department, Fuqua School of Business and Duke Law School