Working Paper Diagrams

95-10 Kelley, Allen C., "Toward a Cure for the Myopia and Tunnel Vision of the Population Debate: A Dose of Historical Perspective"

95-25 Kelley, Allen C., "The Consequences of Population Growth on Human Resource Development: The Case of Education"

95-29 Smith, V. Kerry, "Nonparametric Discrete Choice Methods for Measuring Economic Values"

95-31 Peretto, Pietro, "On Rivalry, Variety and Spillovers in Endogenous Growth"

95-33 Treml, Vladimir G., "The Second Economy and the Destabilizing Effect of Its Growth on the State Economy of the Soviet Union, 1965-1989"

95-51 Peretto, Pietro, "Investment in Knowledge and Capital in Oligopoly: Balanced Growth, Poverty Traps and Indeterminancy"

96-08 Smith, V. Kerry, "Environmental Amenities as Sources for Product Differentiation and Market Power"

96-09 Tower, Edward, "Should the Capital Account Be Liberalized in a Minimum Real Wage Economy"

96-12 Peretto, Pietro, "Growth, Market Structure, and the Welfare Effects of Economic Integration"

96-14 An, Mark Y., "Structural Analysis of Labor Market Transitions Using Indirect Inference"

96-20 An, Mark Y., "Semiparamentric Estimation of Willingness to Pay Distributions"


97-12  Peretto, Pietro, "The Dynamic Effects of Taxes and Subsidies on Market Structure and Economics Growth"


97-17  Moulin, Hervé, "Procedural cum Endstate Justice: An Implementation Viewpoint"


97-20  De Marchi, Neil and Raiff, Matthew E., "Dealer-Dealer Pricing in the 17th Century Antwerp-Paris Art Trade"


97-36  Smith, V. Kerry, "Time and the Valuation of Environmental Resources"


98-16  Peretto, Pietro F., "Market Power, Growth and Unemployment"

Date last modified: June 2, 2003.