Nikolaos Vettas

Nikolaos (Nikos) Vettas joined Duke University's faculty in 1994. He is an associate professor of economics at the Fuqua School of Business with a joint appointment in the Department of Economics. He received his B.A. (1989) in Economics from the University of Athens in Athens, Greece and his M.A. (1992) and Ph.D. (1994) in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. His Ph.D. thesis, "New Markets, Learning and Industry Dynamics," was partly supported by an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship. His areas of interest include Industrial Organization, Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory and International Trade. His current research includes models of learning and industry dynamics. Professor Vettas is teaching Managerial Economics and Competitive Analysis for MBA students at the Fuqua School, and Industrial Organization theory for Ph.D. students.
Recent Research
Current research areas:
- Pricing and Learning
- Dynamic Pricing with Inventories
- Strategic Pricing, Switching Costs and the Size of Firms
- Vertical Integration, Opportunism and Specific Investments in Industry Equilibrium

Location and Product Quality
Optimal Entry into a New Market: Foreign Direct Investment and Exports with Growing Demand (with Rafael Rob), CEPR discussion paper No. 2786 (May 2001)

Office Information
Office hrs:
216D-West, Fuqua

Selected Publications
"On the Informational Role of Quantities: Durable Goods and Consumers' Word-of-Mouth Communication," International Economic Review, 1997
"Entry and Exit under Demand Uncertainty," Economics Letters, 1997
"Demand and Supply in New Markets: Diffusion with Bilateral Learning," Rand Journal of Economics, 1998
"Investment Dynamics in Markets with Endogenous Demand," Journal of Industrial Economics, 2000

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