Neil De Marchi

Neil De Marchi received a B.Ec. from the University of Western Australia, went to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, and completed a B.Phil. in economics there before returning to Australia to teach at Monash University. His Ph.D. is from the Australian National University. With interruptions (1966-77 at the University of Amsterdam, 1980-83 as a director of research at the ABN Bank in Amsterdam) he has been at Duke since 1971. He writes in the history of economic ideas and in the history and functioning of markets, in particular markets for art. He assists in editing History of Political Economy.
Recent Research
"Dealer-Dealer Pricing in the 17th Century Antwerp-Paris Art Trade," (with H.J. Van Miegroet and M.E. Raiff), in M. North and D. Ormrod (eds), Art Markets in Early Modern Europe, Ashgate, 1998
"Adam Smith's accomodation of 'altogether endless' desires," in M. Berg and H. Clifford (eds), Consumers and Luxury. Consumer Culture in Europe 1650-1850," Manchester Univ. Press, 1999
"Rules versus play in early modern art markets," (with H.J. Van Miegroet), Recherches Economiques de Louvain/Louvain Economic Review, 2000
"Exposure to strangers and superfluities. Mandeville's regimen for great wealth and foreign treasure," in P. Groenewegen (ed), , Routledge, 2001


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