Lori Leachman Profile Continued

Recent Research

Selected Publications

"Long Run Relations Among the G-5 and G-7 Equity Markets: Evidence on the Plaza and Louvre Accords" (with B. Francis), Journal of Macroeconomics, 1995
"The Volatility and Transmission of Equity Returns Among the G-7 Countries: the Post- Bretton Woods Experience" (with B. Francis), International Review of Applied Economics, 1996
"Saving, Investment and Capital Mobility; A Comment on Leachman; A Reply," Open Economies Review, 1994
"A Time Series Approach to Exploring Aggregate Optimal Capital Structure: Cointegration Tests" (with B. Francis), Applied Financial Economics, 1994
"Causality Between Investment and Savings Rates: Inferences for the International Mobility of Capital Among OECD Countries," International Economic Journal, 1990
"Savings, Investment and Capital Mobility Among OECD Countries," Open Economies Review, 1991