Kent P. Kimbrough Profile Continued

Recent Research

Selected Publications

"Price, Output, and Exchange Rate Movements in the Open Economy," Journal of Monetary Economics, 1983
"Aggregate Information and the Role of Monetary Policy in an Open Economy," Journal of Political Economy, 1994
"The Corporation Income Tax in the Open Economy," International Economic Review, 1984
"Commercial Policy and Aggregate Employment under Rational Expectations," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1984
"Futures Markets and Monetary Policy," Journal of Monetary Economics, 1985
"Tariffs, Quotas, and Welfare in a Monetary Economy," Journal of International Economics, 1985
"Foreign Aid and Optimal Fiscal Policy," Canadian Journal of Economics, 1986
"Inflation, Employment, and Welfare in the Presence of Transactions Costs," Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 1986
"International Linkages, Exchange Rate Regimes, and the International Transmission Process: Perspectives from Optimizing Models," in International Economics, edited by L. H. Officer, 1986
"Tariffs, Interest Rates, and the Trade Balance in the World Economy" (with Grant Gardner), Journal of International Economics, 1989
"The Behavior of U.S. Tariff Rates" (with Grant Gardner), American Economic Review, 1989
"Optimal Taxation and Inflation in an Open Economy," Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 1991.