E. Roy Weintraub

Roy Weintraub received his A.B. degree from Swarthmore College, and his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania. He came to Duke in 1970, and has served variously as Director of Graduate Studies, Chairman of the Department, and Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. His most recent teaching includes economic science studies and the history of modern economics. Although he began his career as a mathematical economist, his interests currently are in the history of economics as history of science. He recently completed a four-book project on the mathematization of economics in the 20th century. He is President of the History of Economics Society.
Recent Research
Prof. Weintraub's recent research has focused on the history of the interconnection between mathematics and economics in the twentieth century. This work has helped shape the understanding of economists and historians of how economics has been transformed in the modern period.

Office Information
Office hrs:
320 Social Sciences
(919) 660-1838
(919) 684-8974

Selected Publications
How Economics Became a Mathematical Science, Duke Univ. Press, November 2002
The Future of the History of Economics (ed.), Duke Univ. Press, March 2002
Toward a History of Game Theory, Duke University Press, 1992
Stabilizing Dynamics: Constructing Economic Knowledge, Cambridge University Press, 1991

Course Descriptions
First-year Seminar: John Maynard Keynes (Econ 49S)
Competition, Monopoly and Welfare (Econ 52D)
Development of Modern Economic Thought (Econ 190)
Economic Science Studies (Econ 197S)
Senior Seminar: Current Issues in Economics (Econ 200F)
History of Political Economy (Econ 312)
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