Daniel A. Graham Profile Continued

Recent Research

Selected Publications

"Multi-Sector Economic Models with Continuous Adaptive Expectations" (with E. Burmeister), Review of Economic Studies, 1974
"Price Expectations and Global Stability in Economic Systems," (with Edwin Burmeister), Automatica, 1975
"A Geometrical Exposition of Input-Output Analysis," American Economic Review, 1975
"On Convergence to Pareto Allocations" (with E. Roy Weintraub), Review of Economic Studies, 1975
"The Economics of the Network-Affiliate Relationships," (with John M. Vernon), American Economic Review, 1975
"Trader-Commodity Parity Theorems" (with P. Jennergren, et al.), Journal of Economic Theory, 1976
"Cost Benefit Analysis under Uncertainty," American Economic Review, 1981
"Contingent Damages for Products Liability" (with E. R. Peirce), Journal of Legal Studies, 1984
"Contract Modification: An Economic Analysis of the Hold Up Game," (with Ellen R. Peirce), Law and Contempo- rary Problems, 1989
"Phantom Bidding against Heterogeneous Bidders," (with Robert C. Marshall and Jean-Francois Richard), Economics Letters, 1990
"Differential Payments within a Bidder Coalition and the Shapley Value," (with Robert C. Marshall and Jean-Francois Richard), American Economic Review, 1990