Craufurd D. W. Goodwin

Craufurd Goodwin joined the Duke faculty in 1962. He teaches a MALS (Master of Arts in Liberal Studies) course on the Bloomsbury Group, a capstone course (200S), and undergraduate and graduate courses in the history of economic thought (Economics 148); and he directs our department's Honors Program. His research interests lie in the history of economics, the Bloomsbury Group, public support for the arts, and the intersection of economics and art history. He is the editor of the journal, History of Political Economy and the book series, Historical Perspectives on Modern Economics. He has been visiting professor at Cambridge University and the Australian National University. He was a Guggenheim Fellow and Smuts Fellow, and is past president and distinguished fellow of the History of Economics Society. Eight books written or co-authored by Professor Goodwin and published since 1991 are Economics and National Security: A History of Their Interaction; Missing the Boat: The Failure to Internationalize American Higher Education; Academic Mobility in a Changing World: Regional and Global Trends (ed. with A. Smith, U. Teichler and P. Blumenthal); Beyond Government: Extending the Public Policy Debate in Emerging Democracies (ed. with Michael Nacht); Talking to Themselves: The Search for Rights and Responsibilities of the Press and Mass Media in Four Latin American Nations (with Michael Nacht); The Academic's Handbook, 2nd Ed. (with Leigh DeNeef); Art and the Market: Roger Fry on Commerce in Art; and Economic Engagements with Art (ed. with Neil De Marchi).
Recent Research
Roger Fry on the market for art
Art markets
Bloomsbury and economics

Office Information
Office hrs:
338 Perkins
(919) 684-3936
(919) 681-7869
MWF 11:30 am - 12:00 noon
Selected Publications
"Myth in Bloomsbury," in More Adventures with Britannia, (ed.) William Roger Louis, University of Texas Press, 2002
"The Value of Things in the Imaginative Life: Microeconomics in the Bloomsbury Group," History of Economics Review, 2001
"Economic Man in the Garden of Eden," Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 2000
Economic Engagements with Art (ed. with N. De Marchi), Duke Univ. Press, 1999

Course Descriptions
MALS Course - The Bloomsbury Group
History of Economic Thought (Econ 148)
Uses of Economics (Econ 150)

History of Political Economy

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