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Professor Vladimir G. Treml (B.A., cum laude, Brooklyn College, 1955; Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 1963), joined the Duke faculty in 1967 and retired with the rank of Professor Emeritus in 1999. He taught courses in micro economics, Soviet and Russian economic history, socialist economic systems, comparative economic systems and problems of transition of centrally planned economies to markets. The range of Professor Treml's research interests include input-output techniques, analysis of the "shadow" economy, the study of Soviet and Russian economic statistics, and economics of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. He has directed several research projects employing graduate and undergraduate students, and he has served as an expert for several government departments, private foundations, and international organizations. He has also testified at a number of Congressional hearings. For many years he was the Chairman of the Duke Committee of Slavic Studies and the director of the joint Duke/UNC Undergraduate Center for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies. Treml is the author of several books and numerous papers focusing on the Soviet economy, and has also edited two series of "Occasional Papers" published at Duke.
Recent Research
Alcohol Consumption and Abuse in Russia
The Second Economy and the Destabilization Effect of Its Growth on the State Economy in the Soviet Union, 1965-1989
Why did the Soviet Economic System Collapse: Two Schools of thought
Population Welfare and Health: A Survey of Recent Developments in Russian Statistics

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Selected Publications
The Structure of the Soviet Economy (with D. Gallik, B. Kostinsky, and K. Kruger), 1972
Alcohol in the USSR: A Statistical Study, 1982
"Soviet Dependence on Foreign Trade," External Economic Relations of CMEA Countries, 1983
"The Growth of the Second Economy in the Soviet Union and Its Impact on the System" (with Michael Alexeev), The Postcommunist Economic Transformation, 1994
Censorship, Access, and Influence: Western Sovietology in the Soviet Union, Berkeley, 1999

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