T. Dudley Wallace

T. Dudley Wallace, Professor Emeritus of Economics, came to Duke in 1974 after 15 years on the Economics and Statistics faculty at North Carolina State University. In 1981, he was appointed a James B. Duke Professor of Economics. Wallace has published dozens of research articles in leading journals, and is co-author of an econometrics textbook, Econometrics: An Introduction, with his former graduate student, Lew Silver. He has recently been as a Visiting Professor at the New School of Economics in Moscow, Russia.
Recent Research
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234 Social Sciences
(919) 660-1855
(919) 684-8974

Selected Publications
"The use of Error Component Models in Combining Cross-Section with Time Series Data" (with A. Hussain) Econometrica, 1969
"A Test of the Mean Square Error Criterion for Restrictions in Linear Regression" (with C. Toro-Vizcarrondo), Journal of the American Statistical Association, 1968
"Full Time Schooling in Life Cycle Models of Human Capital Accumulation" (with L. Ihnen), Journal of Political Economy, 1975
"Weaker Criteria and Tests for Linear Restrictions in Regression," Econometrica, 1972

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Underdeveloped Areas (Econ 219S)


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