Gregory Crawford

Gregory Crawford, who received his Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford, joined the Duke Faculty in 1996. His research interests are in industrial organization and applied econometrics. He teaches industrial organization, the economics and statistics of sports, and principles of economics. Current research projects analyze consumer and firm behavior in the cable, pharmaceutical, and internet industries.
Recent Research
New Products, New Programs, and Prices: Measuring Consumer Benefits to Changes in Cable Television Choices, 1989-1995
Uncertainty and Experimentation in Pharmaceutical Demand: Anti-Ulcer Drugs (co-author)
Bundling in Cable Television: Incentives and Implications for Regulatory Policy (co-author)

Office Information
Office hrs:
204 Social Sciences
(919) 660-1828
(919) 684-8974
TR 10:30-12:00
Selected Publications
The Impact of the 1992 Cable Act on Consumer Demand and Welfare: A Discrete-Choice, Differentiated Products Approach, RAND Journal of Economics, 2000
"Supply, Demand, and Bundling: An Economic Analysis of the Cable Television Industry," Dissertation, Stanford University, January 1998
Course Descriptions
Economics and Statistics of Sports (Econ 195)
Econometrics I (Econ 341)
Seminar in Industrial and Governmental Problems (Econ 389)

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