Daniel A. Graham

Daniel Graham received his Ph.D. from Duke University in 1969, and joined the Duke faculty that same year as an assistant professor. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate course in microeconomic theory and in the economics of information. He was Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Economics from 1996 until 2000. Professor Graham's research interests include topics in microeconomic theory involving uncertainty, such as cost/benefit analysis, insurance and incentives; he has published extensively in all of these areas.
Recent Research
Current research topics:

Pure Trade with Private Information
The General Multi-Object Auction
Information and Queues

Office Information
Office hrs:
238 Social Science
(919) 660-1802
(919) 684-8974

Selected Publications
"Profitability of Monopolization by Vertical Integration" (with John M. Vernon), Journal of Political Economy, 1971
"The Demand for Insurance and Protection: The Case of Irreplaceable Commodoties" (with Philip J. Cook), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1977
"Collusive Bidder Behavior at Single-Object Second-Price and English Auctions" (with Robert C. Marshall), Journal of Political Economy, 1987
"Public Expenditure Under Uncertainty: The Net-Benefit Criteria", American Economic Review, 1992

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